$13.1M in 3 years? [Case Study]

Back in 2018, I helped Made.com (an interior design company) add an additional $13.1M in revenue AND nearly 1 million additional users.

All through SEO.

But we didn’t just tweak some links and randomly place keywords. When you do SEO the right way… it’s much more than that.

(And it becomes insanely profitable)

Here’s why SEO is much more than you think.

I joined Made.com in 2018 (in-house) to lead their SEO across international markets. The same time they were shining as a pure-play eCommerce growth story.

And even though they were already successful (40% YoY growth for 5 years)…

Their SEO was rapidly declining.

So after my two years working in-house, I helped launch NOVOS and brought Made.com on as one of our first clients.

Then in just 3 years…

We completely transformed their international SEO performance and achieved an incredible $13.1M in non-brand growth.

Today we use the SAME strategies as the foundation for all our eCommerce clients at NOVOS (which we’ve adapted over the years)

Our $13.1M Strategy

Here’s how we did it.

First we focused on onsite cleanup and improvements to site architecture. This helped maximize SEO performance through natural PR (public relations) activity.

Now we had our foundation.

Next for growth.

We then concentrated on activities such as optimizing navigation, categorization, keyword targeting, followed by off-site backlink generation for core SEO categories.

In the following year, we focused on the new React & Headless CMS platform (built from SEO initiatives). This freed us from the limitations of the previous Magento setup.

We also created a dedicated SEO content hub and offsite campaigns scalable across European markets.

And the results were outstanding.

  • A non-brand SEO revenue growth of over $13.1M

  • Nearly 1 million new users acquired

  • Successful migration to a new CMA setup

  • Top rankings in key furniture categories

Just check this out:


Search engine optimization is a powerful tool for brand and revenue growth.

By learning how to leverage SEO the RIGHT way… you’ll set your agency up for massive growth in 2024 and beyond.

Hope this helps.



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