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Agency owners need to read these three books

If I had to choose three books to recommend to any agency owner, director or member of the senior leadership team I would chose the following:

Blue Ocean Strategy

Every agency needs a strategy to compete in its market and niche. Once you have your strategy, the next step and arguably the hardest part is communicating this strategy on a regular basis to your team.

Blue Ocean Strategy shows you how to do both of these and more through very simple visualisations and detailed case studies.

Agencynomics volume 2

Even if you’ve worked in agencies in the past, this book is an essential read. You’ll learn directly from experienced agency owners.

The book does an excellent job of explaining the agency model in simple terms.

It was my bible for around 8 months when we were a team of 10.

Even if you are confident in what you’re doing, at a minimum, the book will help validate your thinking and give you reassurance.

The Culture Code

Essential read to truly understand what culture is. Even before you hire you will want to have an idea in your mind what you want your agency culture to be.

Without a strong culture you won’t grow and scale your company as quickly as you want.

You can also ensure your earlier hires are aligned with your culture vision.

I’d also recommend his second book ‘The Culture Playbook,’ which has more practical examples and ideas to implement to boost culture but definitely start with The Culture Code first.

These books form a powerful trio that equips you with the core essentials of building and scaling a thriving agency. Make them your trusted resources, re-read them for periodic refreshers, and ensure your agency is aligned with your original plans and vision. With these books as your guide, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the competitive agency landscape and achieve success.

The books will educate you around the agency model and how you should be thinking to make money (Agencynomics) as well as building a people first agency (The Culture Code) that is able to implement your well communicated vision and strategy (Blue Ocean Strategy).