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Performance vs Lifestyle Agency: Defining Your End Goal

What’s the difference between a performance agency and a lifestyle agency? The actual difference is very straight forward:

What is a lifestyle agency?

A lifestyle agency is established to support the founder’s (and potentially the staff’s) lifestyle, with a focus on longevity beyond 10+ years.

What is a performance agency?

In contrast, a performance agency is created with an exit strategy in mind, often aiming for a sale within 5-10 years, though this can vary. The founders of performance agencies tend to prioritise business operations over deep involvement in the agencies discipline.

Founders’ priorities and passions

The founder of a lifestyle agency is typically deeply passionate about their field and seeks to innovate and improve the industry. The drive to set up the agency was likely driven by frustration with previous employers who did not share their vision or enthusiasm. In contrast, the founder of a performance agency is more fascinated by the business mechanics, focusing on optimising operations and preparing for a profitable exit.

The founders of a performance agency are typically more business-oriented and slightly less obsessive about the discipline in which the agency operates. While the founder will always have an interest and passion for the agency’s discipline, I’m comparing this to the lifestyle agency owner who spends time refining their skills instead of focusing on the profit and loss or forecasting.

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